What are we doing?


The actual sport results, independently of the performance level, requiere an individual adaptation of the individual training programm. We must avoid the usual methods and recomendations used in training sessions such as: Heart frequencies, daily or weekly kilometres, programed training, etc.. These parameters are normally used in training sessions, but should be designed individually! It should all start with a personal study, and based on the result create a program adapted to the training capacity and goals of the athlet. The personal coach is a professional in sport and nutrition, which based on the personal study, will create an adapted program with exercises to reach the planned objectives. We offer individual training services for cyclists and triathletes. Our training package includes the personal study, evaluation, adaptation of the bicycle and nutritional assessment. We use two main methods, half present or coaching. We also offer distance coaching, although in this case we need physiological and physical information, and we cannot give evaluation and adaptation (unless the athlete personally!)

The Coaching is the direct working method, with full communication between the athlet and the coach, and a minimum of 1 followed training sessions. The athlete will also have direct access to the client areal, where the training units are displayed, as well as the evaluations and additional nutritional information In the part about “Tarifs” you will find Information about the services we offer and the prices.


Although most people know me, it is fairly difficult to describe my profession. This is the reason why I started this Blog. For 20 years I have been dedicating myself to sports and gymnastics. In my early years I was a gymnast and gave lessons in aerobics, steps and dancing (hip-hop, jazz-funk).


We offer a wide range of services to help the athletes with their necessities, to reach an optimized resistance capacity, or to reach their own goals. Individual Training (Click here for more Info) BG Fit: Adaptation of the bicycle to create a perfect union between the bicycle and the cyclist. The correct adaptation of the bicycle to the geometrical features of the cyclist’s body is important to avoid injuries and to reach the maximum of efficiency. A minimal adaptation can make the difference and improve many results. Intensitivity test: through a resistance test measuring the lactate values in the blood we can prepare the adequate individual training units. These informations are important for the control and to determine the degree of difficulty. This test can be used by the athlete to control the progress, and/or to change the priorities of the training. Nutritional assessment/ Nutritional supplements: A correct diet is the key to efficient results and can exceptionally improve the objectives. Also we can assess you about Nutritional or supplementary products we have in our programme.


Our prices are adapted to the required services, depending on the individual necessities, about training units, tests, etc.. You will not pay for anything which does not suit your objectives. Contact us, tell us about your objectives and we will give you a budget for the services.